Rick (Rikki) Soga - Guitars, Vocals

Currently playing Guitar in Shucking Bubba Deluxe, Columbus, OH

Lose your ‘Rik Say Pipe’ guitar pick?
Get one here!! - look at all those colors:


  Jimmy Miller - Bass, Vocals
Currently a Pilot in Florida and happy family man. (Not playing live, yet.)
[Editors Note : Prepare yourself, you ain't gonna believe this picture!]
Ken Koudelka - Drums
Currently the drummer for Lillian Axe.

  Les Farrington - Keyboards, Vocals
Currently a Solo Singer / Songwriter, Dallas, TX
Former Singer / Keyboards for Sugarbomb (~1999-2003)
  Benny Crabtree - Crew, Bass Tech  
  Eddie Stokes - Crew, Guitar Tech  
Shock Tu YouTube Videos
Thanks to Curtis Wray for the videos!


Shock Tu - Walk Away - Columbus, OH 1987

Shock Tu - Bang - Columbus, OH 1987

Shock Tu - The Rain - Houston TX 1989

Shock Tu - Suzi - Houston, TX 1989

Shock Tu - Radio Lover - Houston, TX 1989

Shock Tu - Hide & Seek - Houston, TX 1989
Shock Tu - Summer Song - Houston, TX 1989

Shock Tu - Late Last Evening - Houston, TX 1989


Shock Tu - Deja Vu - Houston, TX 1989


Shock Tu - Thinkin' About Ya - Columbus, OH 1990

Shock Tu (& Friends) - Rock n Roll - Columbus, OH 1990

Shock Tu - Losing You - Columbus, OH 1992

Shock Tu - Trixx - Columbus, OH 1994
Shock Tu : Original Line-Up & Basic Chronology
Thanks to Curtis Wray, Randy Keith and Merv Roland for the info!
Visit their site at:
http://www.sumthinfierce.com/ & http://www.myspace.com/shocktu
An excellent, complete Shock Tu History at:  http://sumthinfierce.com/ShockTu.html

From Columbus, OH to Dallas, TX and back to Columbus, OH.


Original Shock Tu Lineup (1985-1987)

Tommy Johns (real name Tommy Gianikos) - Vocals
Rick Soga - Guitar
Steve Mitchell - Guitar
Ty Tyler (real name Todd Berry) - Bass
Danny Boyd - Drums

Shock Tu Chronology

(198?) - Todd Berry was replaced by by Jimmy Miller

(~1987-1988?) - Rick and Danny joined The Godz
Both are mentioned and pictured here:

(~1988?) - The next lineup was Rikki Soga, Jim Miller, Joey C. Jones and Danny Boyd

(~1989?) - Danny leaves and is replaced by Ken Koudelka

(~1990-~1992?) - Shock Tu relocates to Dallas, TX with the lineup featured above:
Joey C. Jones, Rikki Soga, Jim Miller, Ken Koudelka, Les Farrington

(~1992-~1994?) - The final lineup of Shock Tu was Rikki Soga, Jim Miller, Tim Owings and Rick Martielino, back in Columbus, OH.

(Info provided by: Merv Roland)

- Can anyone confirm years above? - email me with any info or clarifications, the dates are not exact, but are close, so any help in confirming question marks or ‘about’s (? or ~) is appreciated - Thanks - dave.

Other Shock Tu members (Early and Late incarnations)

Tommy Gianikos - Vocals (Mad Moxie)
Tommy passed away in 2005 and is mentioned here:


Steve Mitchell - Guitar (Early Shock Tu)


Danny Boyd - Drums (Early Shock Tu)
Original Shock Tu Drummer in Columbus, OH, later replaced by Ken Koudelka

Shock Tu is mentioned in his website bio here:


Todd Berry - Bass (Early Shock Tu)
Todd’s new band:


Shane Hunter - Guitar (Pre Shock Tu w/ Joey)
(Pal Joey Guitarist w/ Joey - Pre Shock Tu - co-wrote Comin’ On & Summer Song)


Tim Owings - Vocals (Late Shock Tu)
Vocalist in the later lineup of Shock Tu, based in Columbus, OH


Ric Martielino - Drums (Late Shock Tu)
Drummer in the later version of Shock Tu, based in Columbus, OH

Road Crew

Benny Crabtree
Joey’s brother, Jimmy's Bass Tech, Van Driver, consummate stagehand and ultimate right hand man.

Benny was always a favorite of mine, always a smile on his face and always a blast to run into … I believe Benny returned to OH
after The Shock Tu days in Dallas and I think he got a chance to do some sprint car racing (a favorite sport of his) before he
passed away in 2003, due to ALS (Lou Gehrigs Disease). Benny will be sorely missed … a great guy.

Benny is mentioned on Joey’s MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/joeycjones

Eddie Stokes
Rick’s Guitar Tech and all-round good guy, another one that was just happy to be part of the action.

If you have info / pictures / music to share, please email me at: